Wednesday, October 17, 2012

surgery, vacations, and craft shows

hi everyone!

first of all, thank you.  for praying for our family and my son and his surgery and recovery.

everything went great for him...fantastic outcome with his surgery, he gets a whole year in between this time (yay!)  we are all so excited to have an entire year uninterrupted by surgery!

we have decided to kick it off with a vacation:)

our family will be heading south on saturday to spend a while in a gargantuan beach house in the outer banks, north carolina.  perfect.  i can sit on the deck and watch my guys surf fish:)  we will get to spend some time with my husbands parents and perhaps his sisters too.

this is super significant for us because we haven't taken a vacation or even any time off as a family except for surgery in over 6 years!!

in other news...

i am also in the midst of preparing for my largest craft show event that i do all year.

and, oh yeah--it starts the day after we get home from north carolina!

i am up to my eyeballs in awesome ideas for items i want to make and don't have time to.  so i'll do what i can and leave the rest!

i am also trying my hardest to grade, record, and get our next set of homeschooling lesson plans done before i leave...

so even though i may look like i could be reading something relaxing and enjoyable here, i am really just being a teacher...

and as much as it pains me to say, i promise to take pictures of the vacation and the show to share with you lovely folks.  i seriously just need to get over my phobia of the camera already!