Monday, November 28, 2011

gettin cheeky


*i am going to make a disclaimer now...i will be very honest in this post;)

just to let you know, when you are a parent, YOUR CHILDREN WILL EMBARASS YOU.

not all of the time, just when you least expect it.

i have a little daughter who will be turning 3 on Fri.  life with a curious 3 year old can be adventurous, exasperating, and even mortifying.

Thanksgiving day was great for our family.  we went to my older sister's house to celebrate with my side of the family, and then on to my mother-in-law's house to celebrate with my hubby's side.  Perfect!

only, it was like super duper warm on thanksgiving, like 70 degrees warm.

so as i am figuring out what to wear, i decide that it is perfectly fine to go bare-legged with my cute dress and sweater.  can i get an amen from the legwear haters?  (i refuse to wear panty hose)

dinner at my sisters went great.

we move on to my in-laws.

there are lots of people standing in the family room as we are waiting for the last arrivals and chatting.

i am standing in the middle of the room, and behind me a few feet away, is my mother in law, husband, and his aunt and uncle.


my lovely daughter comes up behind me and lifts the back of my dress HIGH up for all to see!!

immediate mother in law's shocked daughter yelling loudly "mommy, you aren't wearing any underpants!"

Now, to be certain, i was in fact wearing underpants!!!

however, it had been a busy morning cooking and making stuff to bring, i kind of grabbed what was available undergarment-wise, which wasn't one of my favorite stay-put maybe things shifted a bit, and my daughter thought that i was going around free-bird on thanksgiving day.

and thanks to her...probably everyone else did too.

at that point, there is nothing you can do to save the situation.  it would be  way worse to start loudly proclaiming that i am in fact, wearing undies.  nope. nothing i could do.  so, i just ushered my child into the bathroom to talk to her about how it's not nice to show people mommy's hiney.  and i actually had to pull up my dress all the way for her to prove that i had undies on.  all while laughing.  and laughing, and laughing.  (now that is definitely confusing for someone who is three)

my mother in law burst out laughing periodically throughout the course of the evening.  and actually, so did i!  come on, it is funny, even if it is embarassing.

and i firmly believe in laughing at yourself.  really.  it's not good to take yourself too seriously;)

especially if you have children, and one of those is say, three years old:)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

something for the shoppers (and the diyers too)

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

12 years

it's our anniversary!!

12 years of marriage:)

a few thoughts about our wedding day...

we got married on a friday.  earth shattering, right?  you would think so by how many times we were asked why we weren't getting married on saturday.

we had the crying-est wedding i ever saw!  everybody cried.  like, the whole time.

we were both 18 when we got married.  my husband turned 18 in october, so we married in november.  we didn't want our parents to have to sign our marriage license.

my father in law (also my husbands best man) ended the night with his bow tie on his head and his shirt unbuttoned.

i was late to the church...

hair & makeup went off course and i had to rush home to wash my face & hair and do it myself.

my mother in law was worried that i wouldn't show up...her mother wisely told her to not think about it until i truely never showed up.

the church we were married in has the most beautiful pipe organ (which is why we picked it...duh.)


today my mother is coming over to watch our 3 little ones and we are going out christmas shopping and for lunch.

not the flashiest, most romantic plans you've ever heard?

that's ok:)

our middle child is still recovering from major surgery he had 1 week ago, and i'm not sure that i can shift gears out of mommy mode.  so, we will be celebrating close to home and as parents.

sometimes it's great to celebrate anniversaries as romantic couples, head over heels style.
and sometimes it's great to celebrate our life together without stepping out of our role as parents.

today we are so thankful for our marriage and each other, yes.
but also that we have 3 precious children that make us complete.
that our 7 year old is recovering well and we are all together.

i personally am very thankful to have a husband devoted to being a wonderful father and provider.
and also that he and i can celebrate a big thing in a small way today.
that we don't have to get gussied up and forget about the little ones to honor our marriage today.
we can simply be together.

and really, isn't that what we are celebrating?  12 years of simply being and loving and growing, together.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the craft show...

i took like a hundred pictures, but here is the jist of it:

a bit of our booth...there were 5 of us crafty chicas splitting a space.  hence the co-op sign:)

my table.

okay, here is my explanation of me.  i believe that i have multiple crafting and artistic personalities.  it is impossible to be satisfied with making one thing...or sticking to one genre like sewing, or crocheting, or painting, or whatever.  i would apologize in advance for my unpredictability in this, but it's how God made me, so i just run with it!  (just not with scissors in my hands:)

Grow-With-Me dresses.  I make them in a few different stlyles, with tons of different fabrics, and with different details, but the thing that is the same is that i design them all to fit little girls for YEARS.  first as a dress, then as a tunic with leggings, and eventually as a cute top with jeans:)  some of my designs even feature pull-down hems at the bottom and the sleeves just like they used to do in the 1930's.

fingerless gloves!

flower resin rings...these were really fun to make:)

crochet earrings, crochet bracelets with handmade wooden buttons, pintucked linen clutch.

see what I mean?  jack jill of all trades:)

my big sis...she does the most AMAZING quilting!  and check these out:

Brilliant!!   a must have for every sewist!

oh, yes please!  holiday cheer.  christmas quilts and throws!  super well made.  i cannot quilt because of the extreme tediousness of it.  it is hard to imagine spending weeks on a project--or even months!  my sister has mad quilting skills.

my super crafty oldest son selling his 100% duck tape wallets...don't know where he gets this from...

my lovely friend, Christy makes these beautiful palm wax candles in the very, very best scents!  sorry Yankee lovers...their pumpkin cannot TOUCH Christy's incredible pumpkin souffle!  i shamlessly hoarded them this year due to my extreme dissappointment of under buying them last year. 

*btw: Christy is married, works full time, and is going through nursing school at night...don't know when she's making the candles...just glad she is!

Emily makes the sweetest baby dolls ever...all one of a kind, just like your little girl!  DON'T be mislead by the elephant...Emily doesn't make elephant dolls strapped onto wooden chairs for sale!!  like every 5th person wanted to buy him and the chair to stick on their mantel or shelf or something...he is in fact modeling her other product in miniature form...

the 'able baby seat'.  fabric, portable, washable, adjustable.  fits babies 5 months to 3 years.  take it to your friends house that doesn't own a high chair.  keep one on hand for guests/family with small kids.  keep it in your diaper bag to use on ANY chair.  it will totally fit:)

lovely color options:)

for your little super hero...Kelly (homeschooling mother of 4 kids under the age of 6)  makes these awesome imagination charging dress up sets.  *note: my boys LOVE to dress up in all sorts of atire.  however, it is really frustrating to have the cheap plastic and polyester things snap on them as soon as they put them on. (or make them sweat profusely cause of all of the synthetics)  Kelly's stuff rocks!  durable, washable, well-made items that are hand made with great attention to HOW kids will use them and feel in them.  most of the masks are really two masks.  one way is for the "good guy" and one way for the "villian".  Love it!

this is Kelly bouncing baby Andrew (7 weeks old, y'all).  he is modeling one of my crocheted baby hats, and no lie--he stopped fussing when we put it on him, and he started back up when we took it off later.  is that little head not the cutiest thing ever?!

miss thing here--modeling my goods: crocheted ruffled neckwarmer with handmade walnut button, rolled fabric rose pin, crocheted felted flower pin, shoulder bag, and skirt.  she's a little bit excentric, just like her maker.

my husband and i made these as christmas gifts for his family last year.  i drew the pattern, he cut, we both sanded and painted.  viola!  modern tree coat rack.  love these.  maybe i can have one for christmas this year?