Saturday, November 12, 2011

12 years

it's our anniversary!!

12 years of marriage:)

a few thoughts about our wedding day...

we got married on a friday.  earth shattering, right?  you would think so by how many times we were asked why we weren't getting married on saturday.

we had the crying-est wedding i ever saw!  everybody cried.  like, the whole time.

we were both 18 when we got married.  my husband turned 18 in october, so we married in november.  we didn't want our parents to have to sign our marriage license.

my father in law (also my husbands best man) ended the night with his bow tie on his head and his shirt unbuttoned.

i was late to the church...

hair & makeup went off course and i had to rush home to wash my face & hair and do it myself.

my mother in law was worried that i wouldn't show up...her mother wisely told her to not think about it until i truely never showed up.

the church we were married in has the most beautiful pipe organ (which is why we picked it...duh.)


today my mother is coming over to watch our 3 little ones and we are going out christmas shopping and for lunch.

not the flashiest, most romantic plans you've ever heard?

that's ok:)

our middle child is still recovering from major surgery he had 1 week ago, and i'm not sure that i can shift gears out of mommy mode.  so, we will be celebrating close to home and as parents.

sometimes it's great to celebrate anniversaries as romantic couples, head over heels style.
and sometimes it's great to celebrate our life together without stepping out of our role as parents.

today we are so thankful for our marriage and each other, yes.
but also that we have 3 precious children that make us complete.
that our 7 year old is recovering well and we are all together.

i personally am very thankful to have a husband devoted to being a wonderful father and provider.
and also that he and i can celebrate a big thing in a small way today.
that we don't have to get gussied up and forget about the little ones to honor our marriage today.
we can simply be together.

and really, isn't that what we are celebrating?  12 years of simply being and loving and growing, together.


Four on the Shore said...

where are the photos? :)

katie said...

Happy Anniversary. Have a great day together!

{cuppakim} said...

happy happy dozen years to you!
love the wedding fun facts.
especially the part about your mother in law thinking you were a runaway bride - but it was just a hair/makeup emergency. too funny! :)

glad it all worked out in the end. and 12 years later! woo!!

hannah singer said...

happy happy day!
enjoy your day!

hilarious wedding memories.
most of mine i am trying to forget. HA!


Kim Alford said...

YAY! Happy (late) anniversary!!
12 years... awesome stuff!! <3 <3