Thursday, November 1, 2012

hurricane Sandy stole my show

(christy, me, kelly)

can i even tell you how much work it is for us to get ready for a 2-3 day show??

and then...hurricane.

people "weather panic" here on maryland's eastern shore.  seriously.

2 inches of snow calls for EVERYTHING being closed, snow plows, salt on the road, etc.

well, the locals definitely did not disappoint this weekend.  only a few die-hard shoppers decided to brave the perfect fall weather on saturday and shop.

saturday night, more than half of the vendors packed it up and headed for home (out of towners who were scared that the bridges off of the peninsula would be closed due to sandy)

(wallets that are amazingly getting even better!  they now hold so much more:)

we show up on sunday to a craft show ghost town, and the poor non profit organization who puts this shopping event on (mostly grandmotherly ladies) have been stressed to the max.  i went over to offer them some encouragement...

and they tell me that in addition to the show basically falling apart and them loosing their fundraising opportunity they had to evict a naked man from the bathrooms this morning! 

lovely.  so that's why the sheriff was out there...

anyway, the show closed early on sunday when the rain started...killed our sales.  boo.

i am like a super busy homeschooling mother of 3!!!  this is really the ONLY big show i do a year.  yuck.

(cute wristlets that did not have a chance to sell)

so...obviously we are jumping into an even bigger show this coming weekend to try to recoup our time/investment!


yeah.  i really don't know what i am thinking here...i just signed up 2 days before set up (which is tomorrow, pray for me!)

but then again, if not for the hurricane, we would never DREAM of trying this show we slipped into last minute.  who knows?  perhaps it will be an even bigger success for us than the one we normally do!

(onesie dresses that i actually did sell most of...wish i had these when my girly was a babe)

how was your weekend?