Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the craft show...

i took like a hundred pictures, but here is the jist of it:

a bit of our booth...there were 5 of us crafty chicas splitting a space.  hence the co-op sign:)

my table.

okay, here is my explanation of me.  i believe that i have multiple crafting and artistic personalities.  it is impossible to be satisfied with making one thing...or sticking to one genre like sewing, or crocheting, or painting, or whatever.  i would apologize in advance for my unpredictability in this, but it's how God made me, so i just run with it!  (just not with scissors in my hands:)

Grow-With-Me dresses.  I make them in a few different stlyles, with tons of different fabrics, and with different details, but the thing that is the same is that i design them all to fit little girls for YEARS.  first as a dress, then as a tunic with leggings, and eventually as a cute top with jeans:)  some of my designs even feature pull-down hems at the bottom and the sleeves just like they used to do in the 1930's.

fingerless gloves!

flower resin rings...these were really fun to make:)

crochet earrings, crochet bracelets with handmade wooden buttons, pintucked linen clutch.

see what I mean?  jack jill of all trades:)

my big sis...she does the most AMAZING quilting!  and check these out:

Brilliant!!   a must have for every sewist!

oh, yes please!  holiday cheer.  christmas quilts and throws!  super well made.  i cannot quilt because of the extreme tediousness of it.  it is hard to imagine spending weeks on a project--or even months!  my sister has mad quilting skills.

my super crafty oldest son selling his 100% duck tape wallets...don't know where he gets this from...

my lovely friend, Christy makes these beautiful palm wax candles in the very, very best scents!  sorry Yankee lovers...their pumpkin cannot TOUCH Christy's incredible pumpkin souffle!  i shamlessly hoarded them this year due to my extreme dissappointment of under buying them last year. 

*btw: Christy is married, works full time, and is going through nursing school at night...don't know when she's making the candles...just glad she is!

Emily makes the sweetest baby dolls ever...all one of a kind, just like your little girl!  DON'T be mislead by the elephant...Emily doesn't make elephant dolls strapped onto wooden chairs for sale!!  like every 5th person wanted to buy him and the chair to stick on their mantel or shelf or something...he is in fact modeling her other product in miniature form...

the 'able baby seat'.  fabric, portable, washable, adjustable.  fits babies 5 months to 3 years.  take it to your friends house that doesn't own a high chair.  keep one on hand for guests/family with small kids.  keep it in your diaper bag to use on ANY chair.  it will totally fit:)

lovely color options:)

for your little super hero...Kelly (homeschooling mother of 4 kids under the age of 6)  makes these awesome imagination charging dress up sets.  *note: my boys LOVE to dress up in all sorts of atire.  however, it is really frustrating to have the cheap plastic and polyester things snap on them as soon as they put them on. (or make them sweat profusely cause of all of the synthetics)  Kelly's stuff rocks!  durable, washable, well-made items that are hand made with great attention to HOW kids will use them and feel in them.  most of the masks are really two masks.  one way is for the "good guy" and one way for the "villian".  Love it!

this is Kelly bouncing baby Andrew (7 weeks old, y'all).  he is modeling one of my crocheted baby hats, and no lie--he stopped fussing when we put it on him, and he started back up when we took it off later.  is that little head not the cutiest thing ever?!

miss thing here--modeling my goods: crocheted ruffled neckwarmer with handmade walnut button, rolled fabric rose pin, crocheted felted flower pin, shoulder bag, and skirt.  she's a little bit excentric, just like her maker.

my husband and i made these as christmas gifts for his family last year.  i drew the pattern, he cut, we both sanded and painted.  viola!  modern tree coat rack.  love these.  maybe i can have one for christmas this year?


Kelly Clarke said...

I'm honored that you would say such nice things about my work. Thanks for all your help and for sharing the space with us at the Quota show.

Jenn LeCates said...

You are so awesome!!! I miss you and everything you do! I need to get some orders in asap.

faith said...

One day when I am not working 50-55 hours a week, I will join your little group (if you are all not super famous by then). :) I look forward to it. You all make beautiful stuff.

katie said...

Amazing. I can see where it would be easy to spend a ton of money at these shows. I love how you displayed the rings and your son is onto something with those wallets. Market to teen section at Nordstrom, I say.

Stephanie said...

Girl! I love it all! But I really love your crocheted jewelry and gloves.... and that finger pin cushion! Oh my! AND that grow with me dress! So clever! Did you sell out of it all or will you be putting some in your shop for those of us that live in the other parts of the USA? :) I'm so glad it went well. I prayed that it would!

hannah singer said...

i want to buy it all.
tell emily to sell online.
kelly, you too, mama!!

seriously. adorable booth, y'all!
miss you each a ton! xoxo