Thursday, October 27, 2011

today i am thankful.

lately there has been so much going on, i have felt like i was drowning!

in Laundry, that is.  i dispise laundry.  as a mother of 3 kids and a wife to a husband who works hard  and gets dirty, i am constantly battling laundry.  it is my nemesis.  the bane of my existance as a woman.

with traveling for pre-op appointments, preparing for my craft show this weekend, and the accident my in laws were in, i did not do laundry for about a week....and the mountain on my laundry room floor could have rivaled Everest.

and then my mother came over on Mon.  she watched my kids while i took my middle child to the doc for more shots.  and when i came home, i went right out again to visit my mother in law at the hospital before her surgery.  i came home and worked in my sewing studio.

when mom got ready to leave, i realized that she had been washing, drying and folding laundry from 9 am until 5 pm!!  she apologized for not getting it all done, but there was now only a couple of loads left.

i was one thrilled lady!  LOVE my mom!!<3

today i am thankful for her mad laundry skills and for her serving heart that would see a need (how can you not see a everest mountain of dirty laundry?) and start to work on it!  all while playing with grandchildren, making them lunch, helping my boys with school, playing dollhouse with baby girl, and pretty much doing everything.  how is it that grandmas seem to have crazy super hero skills as soon as they inherit the title "grandma"?  if that's the case, can someone please call me granny?

Now, i just need to get it all put away...

sorry, is this last one inappropriate?  that's just how i joke with my boys...they are nearly 10 & 8, it totally fits their style:)


Joanie said...

Marie When is the surgery for Levi? I would like to visit him and read the children two stories I have about shofar blowing boys. Would before the operation help to distract or would after the surgery be better as a visit?--Joanie

Marie said...


you are so sweet! he says he would like to hear the story before:) his actual surgery is on Friday, Nov.4, but we will be heading up on Thurs. i will be doing a craft show at the civic center this weekend, so that's out for us. if you have any time Mon, Tues, or Wed, please let me know.

hannah singer said...

marie! love you, love this post.
the last sign is my fave. ahem.

praying and praying! xo

Stephanie said...

I totally love the last pic... That kinda fits my family too (I'm working on my meekness) LOVE your mom! Yay for mommas and super yay for them helping out with laundry. Praying for Levi and your busy weekend....praying you sell it ALL!! :)

Jessica Johnson said...

ha! that last sign made me spit out my tea. DYING! i hate laundry, too. i want to punch it in the face on a regular basis.

Marie said...

ah, the sweetness of kindred spirits...

y'all make me feel normal:)

{cuppakim} said...

sounds like you are a laundry machine! ;)
or don't they make machines for that?
if only washing machines covered the whole spectrum of the process.
i guess we all need a Rosie the Robot like on the jetsons!

and omgsh, the word verification for this comment is "washu" how appropriate is that? ;)