Monday, October 3, 2011

the daily thanks

today i took all 3 of my kiddos to get their flu shots.

oldest was a brave man...

second son was a little nervous and a teeny bit scared...

baby girl was a screamer.

but i like the wise mother i am having learned from previous experiences, brought a new small "prize" for each one.

seriously mommas, it is so worth the $3.00 each!! no traumatic crying and screaming.  they all thanked me profusely for the new little gifts.

everyone was happy...except baby girl said her "thank you mommy" and then went on to say that now all she needed was some french fries and a milk shake!

of course we got them:)

today i am thankful for:

1. flu shots! (keepin' my kids healthy!  seriously, last year little girl got the flu and had a 104 degree temp for over 10 days!! it was miserable for all)

2. lost 2 more lbs. on weight watchers online this week:)  signed up 2 weeks ago, and lost 2 lbs each week!

3. my husband called me just to say hi, ask how my day was going, and tell me he loves me:)  {sigh}

so very much to be thankful for...what will you choose to be thankful for?


katie said...

So glad you survived shots! That is never too much fun. : ) Yay for the 2 pounds. Keep going, girl!!

Megs said...

we just got our flu shots too and I was so nervous. it made me feel bad for having my baby get shots every few months.. but I know it's worth it! :)

thank you for the follow! following you back :)

Anonymous said...

I am so scared of flu shots. I know we should all have them but I'm such a chicken!

Glad you are doing so well on WW. I actually thought about signing up a time or two. Commitment is hard for me.

Yay for nice gestures from the hubby. It's the little things that make us ladies feel so special isn't it?

Hope your entire week is blessed :)

hannah singer said...

great job, brave kiddos! (and smart mama!)
hooray for weight loss! i have faaaaar to go...only lost 7 pounds since march;)

i'm thankful for:
hot cocoa!!
patrick will be home soon
my child is asleep;)