Tuesday, October 11, 2011

three day round up

my mom cut up fresh pumpkin, stewed it down, weighed it, and bagged it for the freezer in perfect baking portions for me yesterday {while watching all three of my kids}

we had an unexpectedly super-fun day on Sun. my oldest son was talking to a friend after church and co-conspired with this friend to ask their parents to go out for pizza together...what is this grown-up boy making plans stuff about??  we did go, and had a great time, but it is so so funny to see my kids growing into more new stages:)

for my husband who planned and built backdrop pieces all day long on saturday for a craft show that i am doing in a few weeks!  he has such amazingly USEFUL skills!  he can build anything i dream up, fix anything i break, and rebuild any engine.  btw, did i mention that he did all this building while  taking care of all of children so that i could get some work done?

yes, believe me.  i do know how lucky i am:)


{cuppakim} said...

i have never tried homemade pumpkin (only canned) - but i saw a recipe last week for some truly homemade pumpkin pie! next stop to TJ's i'm gonna pick up some pie pumpkins and try it myself! :)

and i am excited about your craft show! i hope you share pics of your booth and display!

katie said...

I can't wait to see photos off your display. You have a very sweet hubby!

hannah singer said...

you have a delightful family!
hooray for pumpkin and hooray for hubby being useful...can't wait to hear how awesome your booth is!