Thursday, October 6, 2011

a day late...but thankful none the less!

here is my thankful post from yesterday.

it just so happened that i was too busy enjoying it all to write it:)

this is my new front door decoration.  i made it yesterday.

and i am thankful for it:)

*side note here--my oldest son loves--but loves to decorate seasonally.  he needs to marry a woman with this passion:)  i can only be all martha stewarty up to a point!  (i love mod)

i continue to enjoy and be thankful for our lovely woodstove (and warm little fire) that we got from my husband's grandfather.  i really heart the design!

this is how it actually looks oldest son is thrilled about having the "woodstove" responsibility, and he leaves his gloves, ash scoop etc. scattered:)  so cute to see him learning man things!

i am so thankful for this super cute vintage enamel tea pot to put on top for humidity this winter.  cause of the cool stove design, there is almost no space on top for a traditional boiler/humidifier.  i found this lovely little pot at an antique shop:)

i am thankful for my boys art class!  they go once a week (for a 3 hour class--word!) and they study a different artist each month.  learn the life and history of the artist, all about their technique, style and medium, make an artists journal for each artist, and complete an original piece in that artists style.

last month they studied Monet.  um, did you know his first name was Oscar?  kuddos if you did;)
anyway, here are my boys 'monets':

super lovely pieces of art for my home:)

also divine about art days, is that baby girl and i get 3 solid hours of uninterrupted 'girl time'!
usually this means lunch out together, and she always wants to go shopping:)  such a sweetie!

what this makes me truly thankful for is the way we are made in the image of God.

i believe that we are creative because He is creative.

we make things because He is the ultimate maker.

we love beauty because He loves beauty.

and i love because He first loved me.

ALL things to be thankful for!


{cuppakim} said...

dang lady, you sure are talented. i LOVE that sign. thanksgiving and the thankful season is my FAVORITE.

i dont know anything about woodstoves and humidifiers - but a super cute blue vintage kettle is the way i'd wanna go too! love it.

and love your son manning up on the duties. there is some fruit right there :)

katie said...

Wow, the door decoration is super cute. I love it. You are so talented. No wonder you're kids paint so beautifully, artistic abilities are in their genes!

Faith said...

I love woodstovse and I really like those paintings that your sons did. I am impressed.

hannah singer said...

f a n c y.
and i guess it's good i am not there...or i may steal that kettle;)


Jessica Johnson said...

FREAKING out over that teapot!!!!! LOVE it!!!!!!!