Tuesday, October 25, 2011


1.  my son's pre-op appointment went good on thurs.  i {hopefully} am a little more prepared

2.  my in-laws were in a horrible car crash on sat. as they were heading out of town with friends on vacation.  HOLD ON!!! that's NOT why i'm thankful!  i am thankful that they are alive!  and thankful that although my mother in law sustained some severe injuries to her newly replaced hip and broke her leg, there were 3 paramedics riding along with them in caravan and were able to take good care of her and get her to the hospital.  i am thankful that she had surgery yesterday and it seems to have been a success!  thankful for my father in laws quick thinking and reactions when he saw an out of control truck coming across the median strip at them head on.  thankful, thankful, thankful!  just so thankful that they are here!

3. i am starting to get some things finished for my show this weekend {read: i am a procrastinator among other things, and my sewing is kicking into overdrive} so thankful that i won't have an empty table:)

4.  a lovely friend of mine is having a baby!  she and her husband weren't able to conceive and adopted a son from Guatamala a few years ago.  they started trying to adopt again a year or so ago and after much  time, money and energy, it fell through.  but now...guess what? they are expecting!  God is so good!


katie said...

Praise God for your in-law's safety. That is so scary.

Jessica Johnson said...

scary! i'm thankful with you that it wasn't worse. and i love stories of those in the process of adoption, getting pregnant. God IS good.

hannah singer said...

what a scary thing! praising jesus for their protection! xo

Stephanie said...

So thankful for their safety! We never know what a day may bring.. Thankful for Gods sovereignty know matter what.

Kim Alford said...

Glad your in-laws are all right!! Love your thankfulnesses and your sweet heart!! <3