Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a dozen thankful days...and counting

bear with me...this will be a collection of kind of unrelated thoughts:)  related, of course, by my 31 days of thankfulness challenge!

cultivating a new habit takes time.

cultivating a new habit that cultivates a new heart takes time and work.

not that i'm sweatin' to find things to be thankful's just carving out time to stop and name them.

anyone remember this from sunday school: 'count your blessings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done'

i like to encourage my children to be more specific when praying.  instead of "thanks for everything", how about "thanks for my bike, my brother, and silly string"?

naming it deliberately and individually shows that you notice and that it matters.

it's amazing how naming something can change how you look at it.  different names can evoke different emotions.

shift gears here...

my husband is def a "hands on" dad.  he takes his children everywhere with him.

the other day, he took the boys to his work to pick up some of  his tools that he needed at home for a project.  they wanted to sit in his truck.  they used his cell phone to make a movie.

this is what i am thankful for!

*in case you're wondering...because i know you are...

i am quite aware that not all men have this kind of extreme breathing aparatus sitting in their trucks.  my husband works for a company that handles all kind of disasters.  you name it, they have done it.  and of course, they need all kinds of "special equipment" and such.

say what?  your man doesn't wear a tyvek suit that covers him head to toe? (they even have hoods:)

any day of work could find him working on an oil spill in the bay/ocean, removing grain from overturned feed trucks, wading through Emeril's spaghetti sauce up to his knees in a factory, using a pick axe to dislodge built up coal in confined tanks, or sucking up whole raw chickens through a massive hose into a huge vacuum/cyclone truck, cause a chicken plant had a broken conveyor belt.  everyday is like the "dirty jobs" show!!
*when he isn't saving the day, he is the resident diesel mechanic for all of their specialized trucks/tanks/equipment the company uses*

praise Jesus!! i'm thankful for my husband and his work!


katie said...

I love your sincerity. Your children are so blessed to have you. : ) Had to laugh about the mask thing.

hannah singer said...

love it! patrick had to wear masks and suits sometimes for hvac work. he used to text me lots of funny photos ;)

so gratedul for YOU. xo

Dawn Buie said...

I love that I found your blog!
I also love how you said to give it a name. I will make sure in my prayers that I am more specific on what I am praying about. makes sense to me! thank you!
XX Dawn