Tuesday, October 4, 2011

day 4 of the choice...

today i am thankful for:

these shoes:

sooo cute!  black velvet wedges, suede tie on top, lovely cut outs on the side, and on a super sale!

2.  my sewing student!  who is a lovely girl:) and comes over Tues. afternoons to do some sewing with me, but today (and hopefully next week) she is prep working my stuff because i am a procrastinator and have a huge show coming up in a few weeks:)

3.  fall lovelies!  and enjoying them outside while my little blessings play.

what are you thankful for?


katie said...

I'm thankful for cooler weather and light rain. I love what you are thankful for.

hannah singer said...

loving your list! cute shoes!

i'm thankful for quilts to be cozy in ;)

Faith said...

I am with Hannah on quilts. Quilts! :) I love quilts.

Dawn Buie said...

Love your shoes!
Today i am thankful for your blog, you my dear are such an inspiration..
XX Dawn