Tuesday, October 18, 2011

day 18 of the choice to be thankful

hey peeps!

Thankful for:
  • 3 children
  • a mother who will watch children when i forget that i have a dentist appointment:)
  • chicken potpie
  • my one tree in the front yard, all skeletal now
  • tylenol PM (every night, probably until my son's next surgery in 2 weeks)
  • new fabric arriving  {think: 45 yards of lovliness for me to roll around in cut into and use}
  • a hard working man


hannah singer said...

hooray for fabric!!!
you are so funny.
i adore you.

i am thankful for YOU, my hard working man, and my hilarious child who heals my heart with his laughter.


Kelly said...

So glad your fabric is finally almost here. Will it make it before the Quota show?? Cant wait to see it!!

So thankful for YOU encouaging us to be thankful!