Wednesday, March 7, 2012

what's up?

i am planning a baby shower for my sis, who is expecting twin girls!  could there be anything else dearer to plan??

i think not.  i am joyfully writing out invitations today (and yesterday, the day before, etc. cause my hand cramps after about 10)  i hope to wrap it all up by tomorrow:)


the shower colors are really lavender and purple with a splash of orange, but i'm stretching things just a bit with the invitations because they are so happy!

next up, i have been busy with wallets.

you know what's weird?  for the past 3 weeks, i have sold huge quantities of yellow and grey items. the only thing not yellow and grey is featured below:)  perhaps someone didn't get the early spring shopping memo?  just kidding!

but seriously, it's got me wondering if some great fashion house proclaimed yellow/grey combos are it for spring...

what are you up to?


faith said...

I have always wanted to have twins. I bet any shower planned by you is AMAZING!! You are so creative.

hannah singer said...

oh i am SO excited to hear about your sister. what a fun blessing!
LOVE the invites. and you.

Sarah Brewer said...

those wallets are so adorable!