Monday, August 13, 2012


things on my mind...

i need to finish choosing homeschool curriculum for the boys as they move into 5th and 3rd

i can't wait to order new fabric for my shop!

i really want to babysit for my sister {who has a 5 yr. old wild boy and 10 wk old twin girls}, i'm certain she needs a date

i have an ottoman i re-inherited from my mother and i really want to sew a new cover for it.

i need to pray and be prayed for...our son is undergoing more invasive surgery in less than a month

i want to gather up good stuff to deliver to the children at johns hopkins

my summer bible study i've been hosting only has 2 more sessions left and i want to plan the next one

my dear friends husband has suffered a major heart attack and is waiting to hear if he could be a candidate for a transplant.

i was too unmotivated today {lazy} and now tomorrow's plate is full, full, full

perhaps the reason my one of my favorite hymns is "I Need Thee Every Hour" is because it is so true.


nic said...

oh, me too. me too. i wake each morning with a mile-long list of things i hope to get to, and i pray as i shower that He'll multiply my time and fruitfulness, help me discern what's most important and let go of the rest.

such a joyful, busy life.

Nancy said...

I wouldn't wish surgery on anyone but all of Levi's trials are certainly help to shape him into one special guy. He is so dear. If I could write a hymn I call it I need thee every nano second. Seems I can do well for about 1 nanosecond and then I fail. Thankful for God's grace.