Wednesday, August 17, 2011

gifts guys give...

are you blessed with boys?

do you just love the gifts that they give you for special events?

i love letting my boys think of things for me on their own.  without any hints, suggestions, or help from daddy.

i have gotten the best things from them...MEMORIES!

here are a few examples:

a snow globe with a train inside for my birthday (which is in aug.)  he said it was the prettiest thing he could find and wanted me to have it! it is now one of my very most cherished possessions.

a handsoap dispenser with strawberries on it for christmas. because mommy washes her hands alot. of course!

the very best surprise was the year that my 2 boys bought me not one, not two, but four nutcrackers of various shapes and sizes and themes for christmas!  i could not stop laughing.  we had been out christmas shopping and the boys were begging for nutcracker soldiers, and my husband and i said no, and then promptly bought the nutcrackers for them for christmas.  so the boys wanted me to have the very thing that they wanted most of all! let's just say i have trouble when decorating for christmas...where to put all of the nutcrackers???

anyway, last week was my birthday, and my boys decided to make me gifts...

my oldest son thought that it would be awesome to make mommy a drinking hat!

here he is modeling it for me:

and here i am trying it on:

(and trying not to laugh hysterically!)

please note that he is dutifully trying to adjust it for his poor old mother who has not grasped the technology of this brilliant contraption.  um...i could have lost an eye! good thing i was wearing my glasses:)

not to be outdone, my littlest guy made me the cutest thing that i have ever seen!

unfortunately, i am at a loss as to what to call it him...

i came home from the lovely birthday weekend away with my husband, and find HIM hanging above my back sliding doors:

my son proudly announced that he made this little fella just for me for my birthday!

seriously, can you get better gifts?  the answer is a resounding YES!!  each one of my children are precious gifts from the Lord above.  it truly doesn't get better than this.

for all of you with little boys in the toddler stages...just wait!  it is amazingly wonderful to enjoy talking with your boys (young men) about all sorts of things.  introducing them to the world and the way things work.  they will want to know how everything better brush up on how a car runs now.  it is moving to recieve pipe cleaner whos-its and whats-its for your birthday, and an army of nutcrackers for christmas!  their love is precious and genuine.

who wants new sunglasses? perfume? jewelry? not me!!!  it can't compare to a gift given with imagination and LOVE.


{cuppakim} said...

oh my goodness.
this post has me cracking up.

the drinking cap is so perfect for you.

hahaha :)

stylish too!

katie said...

That drinking hat is way too much!!!

hannah singer said...

yep. the drinking cap is killer. maybe attach the other little cute thing to the cap? just an idea. an awesome idea.


Marie said...

thanks, hannah. i see you already grasp how this works! i can't wait to see what kind of things E-man gives his mommy!