Thursday, August 4, 2011

new stuff & turning 30!


i know i've been silent for so long...
whew! have we been busy!
and here are some pics:)

my oldest dragging my girly around on a giant floppy dog:)

all my babies on a golf cart we rented when camping:)

boys love to play with fire...and moms just have to make peace with it!

my oldest son having some campfire coffee with his momma!!

this would be the worlds smallest travel trailer!  seriously, folks.  it is a whopping 8 ft. long and pure vintage!  a dear lady that we love like a momma gave it to us 12 years ago when we were newly married.  it's a Shasta Compact from 1968.  it totally rocks.  in case you are wondering...just the girls sleep in here:)

my hubby! (thinking 'why is she taking a picture of me?')

in other news...

I'm turning 30 on Saturday!!!

i can't explain, but i am really excited!  not the least bit self conscious about it:)

also, my awesome husband has arranged everything for a weekend away (just the two of us) to celebrate.  he picked out where to stay, made dinner reservations, bought tickets to Busch Gardens ( i love me some big roller coasters!!)

we are going to stay at an awesome b&b in colonial williamsburg, VA.  i love colonial williamsburg!  we honeymooned there almost 12 years ago:)

just praying that i'll get over the mommy guilt of leaving (and worrying about the kids too) and just ENJOY the gift my husband is giving me!


hannah singer said...

fun photos!!
hooray for 30! it isn't bad at all:)
way to go beau! y'all have fun! we love big roller coasters, too.
and williamsburg.

fun fact: we honeymooned there, too. at the westgate. and did busch gardens! christiana campbells is our fave tavern.

love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, pretty mama!

Marie said...

woo-hoo! we're dining at christiana campbells tomorrow:)

hannah singer said...

meep! so fun!!
i know it's hard to be away from the babies, but just think of how sweet it will be, coming home to them!

and ps ride the alpine for me #fave

Kelly said...

Shut it (and I don't mean it rudely) you got married at 18!?!? Meeee Toooooo. Ha....Destined to be friends. I turned 30 last year and was worried but guess what 30 rocks! Have a wonderful birthday weekend, and may god grant you many,many years to come.

katie said...

Have the best 30th birthday! Enjoy that time together and let the mom guilt go!

Jessica Johnson said...

happy, happy birthday!! :) my husband's is the same day! and i totally want to go camping now. that trailer is rad.

hannah singer said...

miss you xo

danielle @ take heart said...

your kiddos are precious!

faith said...

I LOVE williamsburg!! And I love B & Bs!!! We took our first camping trip together last year to Williamsburg. It rained 5" of rain the first night. ha ha. But it was still awesome.