Thursday, September 15, 2011

what i found this morning

every morning (at some point)  i check my email and etsy shops.

many days, i find that my work has been featured in someone's lovely treasury collection on etsy.

this is great for two reasons:

first, it's soo humbling to know that someone likes what you make! and that they like it enough to put it in a list of their 16 favorite items??  feels like a warm hug:)

second, these treasury lists are carefully curated groups of fabulous finds all put together for us to appreciate!  no searching or digging required!

here are a couple of wonderful finds that i was greeted with this morning:

amazing fondant icing chevron brownie toppers!  yes please:) by TwoSugarBabies

this is an awesome custom print that made me laugh:

custom print by NaptimeDiaries

by the way, Jessi from naptime diaries is a lovely, lovely girl with a lovely, lovely blog!  check her out!

lastly, this is an amazing book that i am reading every morning right now:

it was given to me by a dear sweet friend, who is the most beautiful person!  and this book is kicking my butt!  every morning.
if you haven't seen it or read it yet...go get one!  and i am going to buy one for a friend (or two) and pass along this treasure that was passed along to me.



Jessica Johnson said...

YUM with the chevron brownie toppers. too cute.

Marina said...

I love the print :) So funny!

Stephanie said...

Hi Marie! I'm your new "pen friend" :)
My goodness I love all of your clutches you create! SO cute! I can't wait to get to know you and your sweet family better:) I'm a home school mom too :)

hannah singer said...

those chevron toppers are amazing!
miss you! xo

Kim Alford said...

Love your chevron clutch... and LOOOVED One Thousand Gifts!! <3 <3