Wednesday, September 28, 2011

win my chevron clutch!

hi there!

remember the clutch that has been dominating my time lately?

yep, that's it. the one in like 3 places on my little bloggy blog.

well...go win it here!

in the color of your choice, of course!

do you want to know what I consider the best part of this giveaway?

no one has to friend me, like me, or follow me to win!

i try not to coerce people into being my friends (ha-ha)  just a joke, people, laugh!   actually, i mean it:)

just leave Megan a comment telling her what color you want.  btw, she is a southern doll!  go check her out :)


katie said...

I was looking at your other products, too. You are so super creative and talented!

Mindy Harris said...

i follow your blog now and found you thru soleil selene's followers link up!

Pidg said...

New follower from Soleil Selene...totally of my own accord. no coercion involved! ;)

Anonymous said...

new follower from soleil selene :) those clutches are so neat!