Tuesday, January 24, 2012

straight trippin

it's been 3 days since my husband took my oldest son on a *semi* cross country trip.
he is to pick up a new trailor for an 18 wheeler for work.  in missouri...

my husband is not essentially a "truck driver", however.  he is a master mechanic.  and he works on all of the super big rigs that the environmental company he works for owns.  so.....it would stand to reason that the guy workin' on the thing should also be legally allowed to drive it.  hence the class A license:)

it may also make a little bit of sense to send your mechanic to get the new {outrageously expensive...like probably more than i owe on my home} box trailor.


he goes and makes it a "guy trip" with my oldest son who is 9 and a half years old.  totally a man, right?

ok.  now i have been with him for all of that 9.5 yrs (all day, every day since we homeschool) and aside from leaving him with my mom to:
a) go to the hospital to have another baby
b) take our precious 7 year old to the hospital for surgery
there hasn't been a serious length of time that he hasn't been with me.

and you know what?  I AM FINE!!

i am actually just thrilled for him!  i can absolutely guarantee that he will never forget the time when he was 9.5 yrs. old and went 2300 miles on a 5 day road trip in a tractor trailor with his father!!  what a crazy awesome experience:)

and i'm not worried.  ( do you hear that, honey?) not at all.  i know that my husband will take excellent care of him, and also...God has got this.  he doesn't really need my help watching over my boy.

there is now a different dynamic in our house, though.  not bad...just different.  it totally makes me wonder what in the world life will feel like when my babies start leaving the nest?

Now...if i could only convince my husband that i am ok:)

thus far, he has:
scheduled dinner for us every night ( he called in a pizza delivery order from Illinios on mon., and a friend gave us a gift card for dinner out tonight, my sis is having us over tomorrow)

called one of my bestest buds to inform her that he is gone, and could she have coffee with me so that i could talk to an adult?  (whoops!  i think my crazy slip is showing here...let me adjust)

called me repeatedly. (don't really mind;)

before he left, he bought these crazy "firestarter" log things for our woodstove....i have never in 2 years needed anything like that to start a blaze and heat our house.  it is a joke in our house that i am better at that than he is.  BUT.  he is concerned that i won't have heat??  Ha ha.

gotta love it.  coddling, attention, gifts, fire starting logs...he misses me:)

and i miss them.  very much.  but i know that this is so good for them both and they are doing boy things (indianapolis motor speedway, famous caverns where the notorious jesse james holed up...) and they are having a great time.

(however, we discovered that my oldest gets motion sickness.  guess a future as a long haul driver is out:)  but after some dramamine, anti nausea pressure bands on his wrists, and some ginger chewing gum, he is having a blast!


hannah singer said...

love it! you are doing fine, and that makes me happy:) i am sure it's a really big deal for little man to travel with his papa like that. SO fun!
sorry to hear about the motion sickness though:(

love you, marie! xo

Lauriai said...

What an AWESOME experience for your guys!!! Wow! Good for you mama for loving them in a very healthy way :) Enjoy the time to focus on your other babies!

Kris said...

How cool is this!! What a great experience for your guys and kuddos to the hubby for making you feel cared for even when he is gone.-Kristine