Monday, February 20, 2012

attack of the chicken! (a true tale)

my oldest son was asked if he would please look after my parents chickens while they are out of town for a couple of days.

he was thrilled. {manly responsibility!  looking after living things!  looking after a set of keys!}  pure awesome:)

my dad picked him  up a couple of days ago to show him the ropes, where everything was kept, how things were to be done, etc.

no sweat!  we ourselves had 2 pet chickens up until one died of natural causes...then the other one died of unnatural causes.

(baby girl playing with dum-dum and cluck-cluck last year)

anyway, today we drive on over to my parents house (about 25 mins away) and park in the driveway.
my son looks at me with huge eyes and says "i forgot the keys"

pft!  what? how could you be so irresponsible? (yes, i have a tendancy to react immediately)

ok. heart check on mom.

put the van in reverse and head back home with all three kids in the van.

get home. grab keys, grab book (for son to read during all the driving), go through drive-thru (it is now lunch time) head back to care for chickens.

Now, my dad had stressed  to my son that this batch of chickens were easily scared and he had to be very careful to walk slowly, make soft clucking sounds, etc. to keep them from hopping over the fence.

after a quick lunch, he heads out to do the job.  15 minutes later he comes in the back door stunned and almost in tears.

apparently, one chicken wasn't buying into his "nice guy" stalked him and didn't let him out of it's sight.  then, without warning, it jumped up on his head freaked out!  clawed, scratched, and somehow injured his neck.

if it had been me...that chicken would have been in the pot for dinner (i say this as if i confidently know how to kill, clean, and pluck a bird, which in fact, i do not)

he stayed calm, didn't freak and left the coup.

my mom called later to inquire as to how he made out.  i relayed the dramatic story...she felt awful!  but do you know what made me laugh the most?  she asked who the culprit was. as if i can tell one from the other!

my son, also, did not get a good look at the guilty chicken.  no matter.  he is not going back. ever.

turns out that if you are 9 and get attacked by a chicken, you kind of lose your liking for them as pets/egg layers.  can't blame him.

i think we'll have chicken for dinner tonight:)

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{cuppakim} said...

this story is hilarious. and amazing. i can't believe that chicken was so vicious. ;) i am calling FOWL PLAY!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Yikes! It is a good thing your son made it out unharmed. : )

Laura said...

Love this story!!

Sarah Brewer said...

I always enjoy reading your stories, Marie. It's cool that you had chickens last year and I'm sorry about the the experience with the attacking chicken. But still, you're such a cool mother to have different animals around in the house and yard.

Also, did I ever tell you how impressed I was by your garden boxes when we visited last summer? I love your idea of planting at least one different (new) plant each year, to see what it is like. Right now we are just able to grow houseplants, but even those are wonderful to have around. Josh and I look forward to having a garden and chickens (and children!) someday. :)

Kelly said...

poor thing.
chickens are crazy. i or we (my cousin and i) got attacked by a hen once it was terrible. my cousin provoked her by throwing a broom at her while she was sitting on her eggs. i haven't let my cousin live it down yet.

nic said...

poor guy! i personally think if you are 35 and get attacked by a chicken, you lose your liking for them as well. he's a brave one...i would've come flying through the back door in the early stages of hyperventilation. :)