Thursday, February 9, 2012

fabric gossip

so, i am going to give you the run down about what is happening in my fabric world.

yes, i have designated a whole section of my brain to textiles:)

because i am design-y and fancy like that.

i'll start with a little gossip:

did you know that fabric design maven Amy Butler's husband, David Butler has started his own fabric line?  no?  well, now you do!

this was so interesting to me because, as an artist/designer myself, i love to see how my own work compliments the amazing work my husband does.

here are a couple of prints from his line:

very masculine.

and like i said, so interesting to see what spouses create alongside each other.
( i probably should note here that Amy Butler has a new spring line arriving in april...and it is a palette of all neutrals...hmmm)

being a stone's throw from spring in the retail world, new collections are arriving!
check out this one from uber bright fabric designer Jennifer Pagenelli:

lovely, isn't it?

this is but a small sampling of what is going to be available soon...

but alas, i cannot buy all the fabric in the world {yet}.  my business is tiny, and i am forced to choose.

and this is what i fell in love with:

the first fabric collection from scandinavian designer Lotta Jansdotter:

so so nice.  simple. clean. modern. lovely.

and in my opinion, perfect for spring sewing!  watch for them to appear this season in my fabric shop.


Four on the Shore said...

wow!! They look like fun! Looks like I need to start learning how to use my new sewing machine!

hannah singer said...

love them all!

now, when can i expect to see your husband designing fabric? ;)

Marie said...


probably the same year patrick launches his first collection.

Stephanie said...

Oh my. such loveliness. I may have to come up with a new collection of "hair flair" with this stuff. You have a great eye for goodness :)

ps. you and hannah are cracking me up.