Thursday, July 14, 2011

fabric picture redo...

well, i had this old picture that was given to us by a family member who said it just didn't go in their house. 

the picture itself isn't bad in form or function, it's just that it kind of didn't go anywhere in my house either.

my house is full, i mean brimming full, of bright colors and this was the picture:

so i have been itching to do fabric wall art in a big way.  any kind will do, although i am extremely taken with many art quilting projects that i've seen.

i decided to dig in my fabric scrap bin and see if i could redo this picture.

yep, all of you die-hard puzzle peeps know exactly what this is and what it does.

for everyone else, mod podge is a lovely little coating that can act like a glue or like a waterproofer/stiffener.  i have recently been using this like crazy making all kinds of fabric items stiff and waterproof!  love it.  made some rings out of fabric...anyway, i'm getting off topic.

i started by cutting fabric pieces out to fit the larger areas of my picture:

i learned quickly that folding your fabric back to cut was more acurate than putting it on top and trying to guess.  then the magic mod podge glue/coating:

and here's how pretty the first piece is:

so, keep it going and here's what you get:

all my larger pieces are done, and now I decided to cut out individual pieces to form the flowers:

yeah, clearly there is no rhyme or reason to the way i chose where to begin. i am like that: lots of creativity and minimal planning.

you will also start to notice that there is no real color scheme developing: these are all scraps i had from other projects.  maybe next time...

i also learned that for the flower pieces, it was easier to apply the glue to the picture, lay my scrap down on it, and then gently cut away the extra.  much easier!

almost done...

(at this point, the middle of my back started killing me from bending over my table)

when all of my pieces were on, i added a top coat of mod podge.  this looks slightly opaque when you put it on, but dries clear.  also, it comes in a variety of finishes: gloss, satin, and matte, but i only had the satin, so low-sheen it is!

and this is my finished product:

no too bad, for my first run. and no color scheme.

what have you been crafting?
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katie said...

Looks amazing!!! Seriously, you are beyond creative.

hannah singer said...

love it! to the max!

{cuppakim} said...

How cool is THIS!!! I'm gonna send this to my craftylicious friend betsy - this seems right up her alley! you have an eye for creative stuff!

{cuppakim} said...

ps: on Friday the 30 Days Blog has a linky party of stuff you have done - you should TOTALLY link this up! I think its so cool!

hannah singer said...

was just about to tell you that, too!

cuppacopycat beat me to it.

Marie said...

thanks so much! you gals are the greatest:)
my kids were dancing around me while i was doing this chanting things like "this is the best picture you've ever made" " this is my favorite thing you've ever made", but that's pretty hollow considering they are my biggest fans and really partial and they say that about everything i make!

nice that some grown ups agree too:)

hannah singer said...

let the record show that i am a grown up. marie said so!

Jessica Johnson said...

i LOVE this! LOVE LOVE LOVE. would never even think to do it. i think it's fabulous!!! i might copy you. ;)

Marie said...

feel free to make one! send me a pic when you're done;)

faith said...

I have been wanting to do something like this. I love this. This looks so awesome! You are amazing.