Wednesday, July 13, 2011

bed time...

last night, like most nights, my husband and i were determined to get our darlings to bed at a decent time.   we let them in on the plan in advance so that they aren't ambushed by the idea...'what do you mean it's time to brush my teeth?! it's still light outside?!'
we are getting pretty darn good at dodging their maneuvers for dragging out getting ready for bed...but we weren't prepared for this one...
this would be my lovely little daughter asking her dazzled father for a cheesburger.  say what?  you need a cheeseburger before you go to bed?  it was about 20 seconds before he was asking me if we had any...
UGH!  how can little people be so amazingly cute and sincere and hilarious all at once?  not fair. i actually laughed so hard, i had tears in my eyes!

actually, no, we did not have any cheesburgers on hand. how about a yogurt and a couple of chicken nuggets?  great!  after that it is bed time for reals!

we got her all tanked up and tucked in and sat down on the sofa to watch a little of 'the office' together.  2 minutes later there was a 7 yr. old boy at the doorway asking us a question about yo-yos!  go to bed! we will answer your questions about yo-yos tomorrow.  and also, we love you-sleep good!

ah...the office, with my husband, on the sofa...and then we woke up when the ending music started playing!

God is good! bedtime can be hilarious! snoozing on the sofa with my love is great!

but tonight, we are sticking to bedtime. seriously.


{cuppakim} said...

too funny. yo-yo's and cheeseburgers.
your kids totally have priorities!

hannah singer said...

oh how familiar!!
even the snoozing on the sofa!

ps can't wait to see y'all! xo