Monday, July 11, 2011

tidbits about me...

hi there!  just thought i'd share some randomness about who i am...

i am turning 30 next month (woo-hoo!! -not a scarry thing at all:)

i grew up in a house of ALL girls.  just momma and 3 older sisters. oh yeah, and only 1 bathroom!

i consider myself sort of a denominational "mutt".  i grew up in a charismatic church and now happily attend a presbyterian one. i don't really do the arguing theology thing.  i just love the Lord and love his church. i can see many facets of Gods personality in each denomination and it just blows my mind that if i were to compile all of the different kinds of churches, i could get a better glimpse of who God is.

coffee is...daily...delicious...delectable...dandy...and necessary. after you have children you just need a steady i.v. drip of coffee to keep up:)

i have 3 kids...oldest boy-9, second boy-7, and little spoiled princess girl, 2 1/2.

we homeschool.  yeah, that is like 10 seperate blog posts all together.

i run 2 at home businesses, but my family is absolutely my priority.  i believe in doing my God-given jobs to the best of my ability and then throwing the left-over scraps of time/energy to my business (hobby).

i seriously like all kinds of music!  as long as it's good.

we do not have cable or satellite, and haven't for 5 years now.  let me tell you peeps- one of the bestest things is that my kids have absolutely no idea what the newest/hottest/latest things are they otherwise might just have to have.  makes christmas/birthdays soooo great!

i come from a rough background and a broken home.  i am very thankful that pedigree has nothing to do with who you are.

i am an "old soul".  always have been.  my husband is too.  we never had wild or rebellious teenage years and we spent our 20's married and having i'm kind of figuring that when we hit our 40's and our kids are adults, my hubby and i will kind of "freak out" and embarass them.  (i can see a very pained look on a gorgeous teenage boys face pleading... 'mom and dad! you can't go to that concert!  my friends and i are going!)

i bake every day. breads, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, pie, whatever.  just need to bake.  this works out very conveniently for my coffee habit!


{cuppakim} said...

THIS is a fun post.

LOVE all the fun facts.

LOVE coffee. Sippin on mine right now. :)

No cable here either, for a few years now...although I caved and got netflix back the other day...whoops.

I'm 30 next month too! What day is your birthday? :)

And...YOU ARE FUN :)

hannah singer said...

perfect post!! 30 is fun:)
hallelujah for coffee!
no cable for us, but we are quite the movie watchin' fools.
love you!
and p.s. i could not be more thrilled to see you blogging. the end.

Marie said...

thanks, Kim. you're a hoot!

my birthday is the 6th, what day is yours?

(full disclosure: we netflix too;)

katie said...

I hear ya on the coffee. I'm on my 2nd cup as I type. I don't know how I'd get through the day without it! Loved getting to know more about you. : )

Matt, Laura, Haley and Baby said...

Coffee...amen. And I loved your post about the kids stalling at bedtime - we've got a couple of those too!