Tuesday, July 19, 2011

bathroom remodel...

so, i picked up some added enthusiasm/inspiration this week from the following:

a) my husband is working on our master bath that we gutted 7 YEARS AGO!!
now, don't get the wrong idea, we are not the type of people who usually start projects and don't finish them.  in fact, we are both shocked that it has panned out this way! but that is how life goes sometimes.  anyway, here is what it looked like for 7 years:

(this is the shower, er... where the shower is supposed to be:)

and while, it may not look too different yet, there is about 2 days worth of plumbing that he did.
and that, my friends is supremely important!

viola! here are the eh-hem, "after" pics from this weekend:)

yes, there are pipes in now, and a shower base, and water-proof shower board to put my immaculate WHITE tile upon...so lovely, i think i just shed a tear imagining my kid-free bathroom!

my further inspiration/motivation comes from immersing myself in all kinds of art, design, and making!

b) did you know that michaels had a sale on that rediculously priced screen printer this weekend?

i bought it.  can't wait to get to drawing up some funky designs to do some hand-pulled screen printing:)  i know there are way easier methods around now, but i love the whole process of making (and baking).

c) i have once again picked up my painting and pen and ink art...my very first art loves!  VERY inspiring!  hoping to have good stuff to share soon...


Laura Tyler, Spanish Teacher said...

I bet you are feeling really good right now - it is so weird how there is NOTHING like getting something going that's been hanging out in the back of your mind for a while. Enjoy the deco!

{cuppakim} said...

that is hilarious! at this rate, you'll probably be done by 2045? :)

but seriously, glad you guys got to it - i am excited to see the progress! you will show us right?

katie said...

Yay for progress! We are always in a state of remodeling in our house.

Marie said...

i will def keep you up to speed...but 2045 sounds a little too soon...

hannah singer said...

awesome project. you have the most amazing home. the end.